Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Hot. Ladybug is hot. And bothered.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Ladybugs, Pina Coladas, and Fried Shrimp

Hello fellow ladybugs, and welcome back to another night in the life.  Venturing to city island to immerse myself in pina coladas and conversation, turned out to be successful.  Except, for the animals in the parking lot.  I'll get to that later.  As a fellow driver bestowed upon us, "don't worry, karma will get them!"

From tonight I learned, a. don't wear white underwear with a white dress (how are ladybugs supposed to know that?  We only dress up for special occasions - usually i'm just rolling around in my flower bed) 2. pina coladas fill you up and tres: don't drive home with one contact, then spend an hour looking for parking.  Oh, and that I have a couple pretty sweet friends.  Who enjoy fried shrimp.  What ladybug doesn't enjoy friend shrimp?

You?  Well, sorry, but we aren't friends anymore.

Ok, ok.  I lied.  I actually like steamed better.  Ok?

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

LadyBug Eats Too Many Cheeseburgers

Enough said.

Who am I?

I breathe fire and I breathe rain.

No, I can't really do either of those.

Stealing Songs and Angering Record Companies via little ladybugs

One dirpy at a time.

Pastime:  Downloading high quality rips from YouTube via  Don't hate, appreciate.

I don't think bugs can get sued, can they?

LadyBug is Swayazzin'

Use it, love it.  I want it to catch on.

LadyBug Emerges from Hibernation

In honor of June 1st, this little bug will emerge from her hiding spot.  She didn't sleep the whole winter (she's got a lot of stories to fill you up on) but let's welcome her back.

Yeah, she didn't miss you too much either.

Kidding, she can't wait until the topsy turvy tomato plant grows.  Yup, I've been lounging on that all weekend.  Didn't you know I love infomercials?  I also have a slap chop and a magic bullet.  What?  Ladybugs like crushed garlic, they aren't vampires you know.

Just to fill you in, she only has one working eye right now (what color eye patch should I get?), a really bad sunburn, but is sitting on a giant green chair talking you while drinking a grande-non-fat-caramel-macchiato.  She also drank numerous margaritas over the weekend.   I really have my priorities in order.

Those homemade margaritas were quite tasty, I might add.

Meh, I think I did miss you guys.

Oh, I lost one of my antennas over the winter.  I think I might have left it at Dallas BBQ along with a birthday gift that someone in Manhattan is enjoying right at this moment - probably with a grande-non-fat-caramel-macchiato.  That makes me pretty upset.  Damn you Dallas BBQ and your hurricane sized drinks and really oddly tasting wings!