Monday, November 9, 2009

LadyBug Goes Hiking

I heeded the call of the wild, on an early Sunday morning.  It started out innocently enough.  Upper East Side, parking spot (shocker!), and lots of tea to hydrate.  After boarding the van with like minded individuals, we headed off to the mountains of New Jersey (who knew jersey had mountain ranges?)

Anyway, a short trip and a snack away, we arrive and begin our hike.  A little ways in, I learn that this was a 9 mile hike uphill.  To the top of a mountain.  For some reason, the preliminary 8 mile hike listed online at Outdoor Bound was less threatening, and the pictures of everyone just smiling and jumping around made me confident.  I thought, "I could be them! I could be smiling after hiking 4,973,850 miles.  Yup, that'll be me."

Let me tell you - it was tough.  But, it was worth it.  The leaves in the fall you think are so beautiful?  Yeah they suck when they're on the ground.  I was slipping everywhere like a maniac.  Those yoga classes really made me test my balance.

Now, as a LadyBug I love those leaves - especially eating them!  That's why when we got to our lunch spot, I was well fed.  Hmmm look at that view!

Chief was our chief look out.  While he may be little, he packs a powerful bite.  And doesn't like hummus.  But he does tricks!  I wonder if he liked my summersaults.  I was too tired to wind myself up, and plus, we were on the edge of a cliff so acrobatics probably wouldn't have been the best idea.   

 And then we continue our ascent.  Check out that steep view!  We were climbing along rocks for recreational purposes, I know.  

And we kept losing the group.  It was a beautiful day, so they were overbooked (seriously, 65 degrees in November!?) Our tour guide was trying to rally up the troops with chief.

And then... We almost... We made it!  Check out that view from the top.  Whew!  There were some times I thought one of my 6 legs would trip and I would face-plant.  Well, numerous times.

And then, onto the descent.  These berries looked tasty though.  But, even LadyBugs know they're a no-no.

And that folks, was my rigorous hike.  Back to the city we went.  But here's one last shot for you to admire.

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