Sunday, November 1, 2009

The NYC Marathon and LadyBug!

No, I did not run it.  Me? a LadyBug?  I'd just end up stuck on the Verranzo. Well, I ran it, just did not complete it.  I needed to get to the other side (insert chicken joke here) and the cops literally told me - just run with them and bolt!  It was worse than trying to merge onto the Cross Bronx Expressway at rush hour.  I almost crashed into the folks handing out gatorade, thinking I was a runner.  What, did the LadyBug shell not give it away?  Or the fact that I was holding a purse and wearing high heeled boots.  You decide.

My favorite Cuban Cigarette and I had brunch in Long Island City, watching the runners.  Not to get all sappy on you sassy bugs, but it truly was an emotional sight to see.  You can feel the energy, the excitement.  I could not help but smile after exciting the 7 train, just following the noise to Vernon Blvd.

It was the half way point, and these runners needed some motivation.  So after brunch, and after the hard-core runners passed through (and the runners running into the restaurant knocking over tables to get to the bathrooms) we stood outside and cheered them on - to the very last person.  We even saw the "sweep bus" go by.  We saw an older man with - what was it? - his 119th marathon?  God knows.  It was amazing, and these are the people who needed the cheering.  And they loved every second of it.

Look at me with the ING sunglasses on.  Don't I look hip?  That's an apple next to me.  That'll be my dinner for the next two weeks, its a chemically imbalanced apple so its extra large.

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