Saturday, October 31, 2009


Ah, pumpkins, apple donuts, cider... and more pumpkins.  Never the one to not be spontaneous, my friend and I drove over to see the Great Jack-O-Lantern Blaze, a sold out show the night before Halloween.  Flashing our big smiles, we got a free ticket from the parking attendant.  Then, we just strolled up and bought another ticket. Who says these things don't happen?

Look at me sitting utop a pumpkin.  I was just all smiles.  Who doesn't love a good jack-o-latern for halloween?

Confused as to what this "Blaze" is all about?  Fear not fellow readers. Over 4,000 pumpkins were lit up on this historical estate in Croton.  Hear how the blaze is created!

Ooooh.  Ahhhh.  I liked this pumpkin.  Whoever carved it was mad chill.  He's rocking those 80's "Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" shades.

Check out the aliens!  This was probably my favorite.  They had the spooky techno-ish music going too. I wish I could have shown you my face.  But, you know what I look like!

All in all, a good night for ladybugs.  Beautiful weather and had a pumpkin spiced (not spiked!) coffee.  Yum.

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