Monday, October 26, 2009

LadyBug Rocks Interviews

Keep your fingers crossed... I hope I get this gig.  Turns out they like lady bug stories.  Because get this, one of the interview questions, was to make up a story.  Yes, you heard me.  How great is that question?  And it's a job - at a museum.  In honor of LadyBug, I put her on the pedestal - and created a children's story.  I told it with such great enthusiasm and energy, he thought I had told this story before.  But no, I am just desperate for this job.

LadyBug, in New York City.

Once upon a time, in New York City, there lived a LadyBug.  She only knew turtles and woodchucks, but not ladybugs.  Finally, she decided to go to school.  Once there, she realized - wow!  All the other ladybugs are red!  But alas, I am green.

They tried to help her.  "Go in the ocean LadyBug.  That will turn your shell red like ours."

So off LadyBug went.  She hopped on the A train and took it to the end.  She walked all the way to the shore of the Rockaways.  It was the middle of February.  She jumped in.  "So cold!"  she exclaimed.

She was rolling around in the sand, trying to get her wings free from the surf.  Confident, she strolled back uptown, returning to school.

"You are still green LadyBug!  What you need to do, is go in the river, not the ocean!"  Disappointed, but not deterred, LadyBug walked east.  She walked all the way east, and jumped in the east river.  She couldn't make it all the way across.  So many boats, helicopters, ships, sailing crews.  She got scared.  Finally, she reached Roosevelt Island.  Thrilled, she hopped on the tram back to Manhattan.  Once back up at school, the other beetles looked at her with a smirk.  Still green, she thought.

"No, no, LadyBug.  You are doing this ALL wrong.  You need to jump from the sky!"

LadyBug was about to give up.  But, seeing as though she really wanted new ladybug friends, she prevailed.

So up she went.  Sitting in the cabin with a parachute pack strapped to her back, she was not scared.  I will turn red! she thought.  And out she jumped!  She passed the Chrysler building, Grand Central Terminal, even saw red lights atop the Empire State Building!

But the ground was getting closer and closer.  The green spots were becoming less like dots on the ground, and more like branches and roots and sharp leaves.  She tumbled into a bush.  Climbing out the side, she marched triumphantly back to school.

There were men painting a fire truck.  Feeling invisible, she walked right above the truck, falling into a bucket.  How would she get out?  Finally one of the men took out a paint brush, and out she fell.  When she reached school, everyone was clapping.  "She is red!"  They proclaimed.

They played and played, until a big storm hit.  The rain pounded the pavement, with the ladybugs taking shelter under maple leaves.  The red paint streamed off LadyBugs shell.  Everyone saw the look in LadyBugs face as her red shell disappeared down 234th Street.  They became friends with her.  They realized that they liked her for being green, not red.  So when the sky let up, they continued to play, happier than they were before.  And LadyBug, happy she was green the whole time.

And they all lived happily ever after.

I hope it got me the job.

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