Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Lattes and LadyBug

Ok first, I was in the New York Public Library in Kips Bay, but the guy next to me kept falling asleep and drooling, and eventually unplugged my laptop by waking himself up frantically, mumbling something about cheeseburgers and highlighters. Then I was reprimanded by the big security guard for eating an apple. So, I figured my time was up. I am attempting to further my career aspirations while at Starbucks instead.

It is an unseasonably warm day in New York. As such, I wore my cute little sandals, trying to get one last wear out of them before I have to stash them away for the winter. But, they are digging into my feet and i am walking everywhere, trying to avoid the subway fare. Maybe my 6 legs will become super cute now. So anyway, I am sitting in the 32nd and 2nd branch of Starbucks, trying to sell myself, one cover letter at a time. Stealing the internet proved to be a tough one, I gave in and spent the insanely large amount just to log onto gmail and send letters to the employed who have no interest in hiring people whatsoever.

I am tempted to just hop behind the counter and start serving up fancy soy lattes for tips. Then maybe I'll go from Cinderella (as a bug of course) scrubbing toilets to saving the world one cause at a time.

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