Thursday, October 22, 2009

LadyBug Loves the Fall

I had a good day today.  First, I got my appetite back (yes, I know I already love ice cream). B, I got to play in the leaves, my favorite activity.  Look at me frolicking around.

And lastly, I spent time with some old friends. See me and that seagull? He may act like he doesn't know me, but he is just camera shy. But look at me! I just look so happy, don't i? I think so.

This is me climbing down from my soapbox. It took me some time. Those yoga classes must be a hoax.

So anyway, back to food. Seagull and I ate a wonderful lunch today after we watched the tide of the Hudson River. We had fresh, organic raisin bread with cream cheese and wild berry preserves. Washed it down with warm citrus green tea and shared one of the biggest apples i've ever seen. Seriously, it was a big apple. I'm into apples these days. AND i got to have it with peanut butter! I'm happy I have a bit of an appetite again. Life isn't so bad. Food tastes good. Seagull was happy too.

Tonight I went to yet another seminar.  This time in Stamford. Not so bad, but just advice I already knew. Don't be hopeless, but don't have too much hope.  Things are not looking good for you.  Thanks guys. I'll keep that in mind.  Definitely went and got a beer after that.  Oh, in addition to the last minute designer heels I had to pick up on the way there after I realized I left the house in flip flops.

But I did get to have one of those mini weenies!  Those are good.

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