Tuesday, October 27, 2009

LadyBug Gets Locked Out

of her car while attempting to steal the internet at Manhattan College.  I ask you this dear readers, who leaves their keys DIRECTLY on the seat?  Bugs do, because their pockets are too small to hold a key ring with a bottle opener from Paris on it.  It was my only souvenir from France.  Hey, I was broke.  I lost 20 pounds there.  For a lady bug, that's A LOT.

But look at me enjoying the view in Riverdale.  Why not have a little fun while soul searching and applying like a madbug?  I look quite relaxed, I think.  I was probably thinking about moving to northern California and living on a winery.  I tend to think these things when I am stuck in the bronx with my keys on the drivers seat.

After AAA came to bail me out of my cold-induced caffeine crash, I went to Dunkin Donuts for a little pick me up.  After getting a pumpkin latte, I was disappointed.  Who knew they weren't tasty like Starbucks?  In light of that, I sped to Starbucks to finally apply to my dream job, serving soy lattes to a luxury starved customer.  I hope they call me.  It's like waiting for that call on Tuesday after a Saturday night.  Or rather, dreading that call on Tuesday after a Saturday night.

I'm looking forward to Vinyasa tonight.  What i'm not looking forward to, is the amount of people tonight.  This is Scarsdale, and there are a ton of stay at home moms rocking sick yoga gear.  They're not like the rest of us beetles.  But that's ok, I know how to do a killer baby cobra, and i'm a LADYBUG.  Yeah, that's right.

Interviews all week fellow sassy bugs.  I have to make sure my green shell looks extra sparkly this week.

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