Thursday, October 29, 2009

Puppies Love LadyBugs

I always start the day with a to-do list.  If i actually complete it, is another story.  Today, not looking like I will come anywhere close.

I got a shiny new library card today!  I was way too excited.  But that went away when I went to my car, and found a $65 parking ticket.  Those Yonkers cops are merciless.  2 parking tickets in 14 hours.  Feels like I support the entire New York City Finance department, and I already paid for two salaries of Yonkers teachers. But, I got a tasty coffee from McDs, which was surprisingly tasty.  Very tasty.  Look at me hanging out at the library.  I was so happy after having that tasty McCafe.  Do people actually call them that?

Later, I hung out with Sophie, who was scared of me at first.  I know I look intimating, but look at that face!  I bet you'd warm up to me real fast too.  Although when I did that summersault, Sophie didn't know if I was coming or going.  She didn't seem to like my aerobic tricks.  But it took a lot of practice!  Oh, did I fail to mention I'm a windup lady bug?

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