Thursday, October 29, 2009

Philthy LadyBugs

Who doesn't love that this series consists of some of the most passionate fans, two of the closest cities on the east coast, with two of the most distinctly different accents.  I made that three state trip many, many times... kind of far for a ladybug, but shuffling my life back and forth via a '95 Toyota Corolla at 2am numerous times proved to be eventful.  

And who else notices the red and blue... pretty interesting if you ask me!  I'm green, so what do I know? 

Anyway, last night went to watch the game with some old coworkers.  I wasn't able to get a good shot of me with my light drink of choice, because the bar was so packed I was worried someone would step on me - or the bartender would pour a grape bomb shot concoction on my antennas.  And we know once LadyBugs antennas are drenched in a vodka swirl surprise, she wouldn't know how to flutter correctly.  

But my favorite cuban cigar took lots of shots last night... digital and liquid.  She's a riot.  

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