Saturday, October 31, 2009

LadyBug Does a Model Shoot

Look at me enjoying that gorgeous view.  Isn't it just stately?  Took my breath away.  Well, also because I was so close to the edge that a yippy little dog barked and almost sent me over.  Dogs don't like me.  I guess because they have trouble figuring out what in the world I am, what with my summersaults and all.  I am still figuring that one out as well!

Weeee! Look at me! Look at me!  I'm straddling the edge! Woooo weeee!  I am an adventurous beetle, aren't i?

I want to walk on the nose.  Take me to the nose.

I'm in a tree!  And I climbed it by myself.  I'm actually pretty high up.  Look at me just relaxing.  I look so cute, don't I?  Fresh air, crunchy leaves.   All I need is some hot apple cider.  I don't want the fall to end.  And I didn't even need a jacket!  Just you wait 'til you see me frolicking around in the snow with a beenie.

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