Friday, October 30, 2009

The Many Travels of LadyBug

I haven't been on too many adventures lately.  Which is shocking for me, because I am always going somewhere.  Who knew this economy would stifle these world dreams?  Nothing stopped me before.  I came from very humble beginnings, but thought I could do anything.  Who teaches kids that?  Actually, where we were - we were never taught it.  Maybe that's why I wanted it so bad!

When I miss running around the world like I once did, I sit on top of a map.  I spin around like mad, flipping, running, landing on the next destination.  My dream destinations are anything but ordinary.  Thailand, Africa, Alaska, Argentina, Croatia, Iceland.  I want to run a half marathon in Hawaii, if I can make it past this 10k.   I did pretty well when i ran from China to California... on the extra large world map in the library.

I want to go to Italy, mainly because I took 12 years of Italian.  I need to take advantage of my 5 catch phrases, before they turn into one.  Hey, maybe there's an app for that.

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  1. DO IT!!! While you have no obligations go experience life as you've always wanted! I hear that staying in hostile's is a very economic way to travel and see around Europe!!!